Other art, comics, stuff.

Washer Merch

Merch designs for Washer shirts, buttons, etc.

Doodle Buds

Watercolor & Ink


Foam, wood, and acrylic paint.

Inktober 2020

Watercolors (mostly).

Misc. 2020

Certificate of Participation

comics 2016 - 2019


mini zine of black & white doodles from a failed attempt at inktober 2019


mini zine of pen drawings

Garyoke Sticker

Bot Garden Sticker

Guitar Pedal Art

Custom hand-painted guitar pedals comissioned by Boner Pedals.

Post-Trash Live: A Podcast

EIS Tape Club

Patio T-Shirt

Greed Island T-Shirt

Inktober 2018

A series of drawings on scrap paper that utilize the texture or shape in some way.

Guitar Pedal Art

Alien graphic designed for a run of Big Muff clones by Boner Pedals.

Inktober 2016

A series of (mostly) portraits on post-it notes.

If I Had An Art Show

A collection of drawings based on the title.